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Recover Data From Damaged Hard Drives, Corrupt or Failed Backups and Deleted File Recovery

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc: About Us

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of expert data recovery services in the United States and Internationally. CBL's only business is to recover data - quickly and cost effectively.

Whether the data loss is the result of mechanical or electrical failure, virus activity, system malfunctions, human error, water, fire or smoke damage, or file corruption, CBL has the uniquely talented people and the resources in-house to solve the problem.

Through innovation and creativity, values that all CBL staff share, we strive to offer comprehensive and efficient data recovery services to all of our clientele.

Excerpt From An IDC Featured Opinion Piece On CBL Data Recovery

"The proliferation of storage and the increasingly strategic nature of data, coupled with fragility of storage hardware present a dangerous combination. Plus, a majority of enterprises don't have a reliable or consistent disaster recovery plan just in case something goes wrong. As a result, IDC believes that there is significant and growing demand for data recovery services. CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc., a worldwide player in the data recovery market, is well positioned to capture an increasing share in this growth market due to its experience, global presence, skilled workforce and its focus on innovation."

-- Alan Freedman, Rob Colraine

View the data recovery commentary on the IDC website for further information about this Opinion Piece

CBL's Data Recovery Commitment To You:

In our dedication to offer you world-class data recovery solutions, CBL staff looks to meet three objectives with every recovery project.
  1. Exceed each customer's expectations in retrieving his or her valued data.
  2. Meet or better our time commitments for every data recovery project.
  3. Have every CBL employee understand that the satisfaction of our customers is his or her individual responsibility and duty.

As a result of continually achieving these three objectives, CBL has become well known not only for our expert data recovery services, but also for our unsurpassed customer service.

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